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LRANY will be hosting its first Annual Meeting & Scaffold Law Reform Summit on November 19, 2014 — Register Today!


Lawsuits cost New York taxpayers over a billion dollars a year – we’re working to change that.


If someone breaks into your house and injures themselves, they can sue you – we’re working to change that.


If a worker injures themselves while drunk on the job, the employer is liable – we’re working to change that.


A party only 1% at fault can be forced to pay 100% of a judgment, encouraging lawsuit abuse – we’re working to change that.


Fear of lawsuits causes providers to order unnecessary tests and procedures, driving up healthcare costs – we’re working to change that.




Our Mission

The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY) is a broad based coalition of hardworking New York business leaders, professionals and taxpayers who are committed to changing New York’s burdensome and expensive legal system to help create more jobs and energize our State’s economy.

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Tell your elected officials that you want to see common sense changes to New York’s broken legal system  to help  our state grow. Make your voice heard!

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LRANY News and Blog

This week on the LRANY Video Series, Tom Stebbins brings you a video on the cultural impact of lawsuits in New York. We often touch on the economic impact that lawsuits have on our state but it starts with the cultural changes impacted by lawsuits. Lawsuits create a sue-happy mentality and fear of lawsuits continuously […]

This week, The Journal News published a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Scott W. Hobson.  This letter was in response to a September 17 article:  Tappan Zee Bridge: State to fight EPA ruling on loan.  Hobson points to the Scaffold Law as a means of decreasing costs for the new Tappan Zee Bridge project. […]

This week for the LRANY Video Series, Phoebe Stonbely Brings you the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit for the month of September.  A Staten Island home owner was relieved after what could have been a devastating fire when he accidentally placed paint cans too close to his furnace, only caused some smoke and minor charring.  However three […]


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