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Television Appearances

11/26/13 – Fox News Special Report - Grapevine: Fighting Frivolous Lawsuits

11/25/13 – Fox 5 News - Frivolous Lawsuits in New York City

11/5/13 – Today’s Verdict - Tom Stebbins Discusses The LRANY Video Series with Trial Attorney David Lesch

10/24/13 – Univision - Proponen Leyes Para Evitar Accidentes en Construcción

7/1/13 – Capital Tonight –  Tom Stebbins Talks Lawsuit Reform Re: Buffalo Corn Syrup Case 

10/9/12 – Today’s Verdict - Tom Stebbins Discusses Lawsuit Reform with Trial Attorney David Lesch

7/18/12 - The Paul Vandenburgh Show – Tom Stebbins Discusses the Need for Lawsuit Reform In New York 

12/19/11 – Capital Tonight- Tom Stebbins (LRANY) and Mike Elmendorf (AGC NYS) Discuss NY “Judicial Hellhole” Status


10/14/13 - City & State - Tom Stebbins Discusses the Scaffold Law

5/14/13 — Poughkeepsie JournalTom Stebbins Discusses Scaffold Law Reform

5/10/13 – Syracuse Post Standard - Scaffold Law: Editorial Board Meeting

Radio Interviews

10/24/13 — The Capital Pressroom – Tom Stebbins discusses the ‘Scaffold Law’

9/17/13 – WKIP Hudson Valley Focus with Tom Sipos – Scott Hobson discusses the ‘Scaffold Law’

12/21/12 — The Capitol PressroomTom Stebbins discusses our Trial Bar Spending Study

12/13/12 — WKIP Hudson Valley Focus with Tom Sipos - Tom Stebbins discusses New York City and Albany as Judicial Hellholes

12/10/12 – WCBS-AM 880 - Tom Stebbins discusses New York City and Albany as Judicial Hellholes

12/10/12 —  WGY-AM 810 - Tom Stebbins discusses New York City and Albany as Judicial Hellholes

12/10/12 — MidHudson News Radio – Tom Stebbins discusses New York City and Albany as Judicial Hellholes

12/9/12 — WKIP HudsonValley Focus with Tom SiposWeekend show

10/5/12 — WKIP Hudson Valley Focus Live with Tom Sipos - Listen for Tom Stebbins starting at 00:35

6/25/12– The Capitol Pressroom- Listen for Tom Stebbins starting at 13:45

6/12/12– WHCU Morning Newswatch - Tom Stebbins Examines the True Cost of Needless Litigation

4/18/12–InnovationTrail (WMHT)- Why Business Groups Want to Dismantle New York’s Scaffold Law

8/17/11– MidHudson News Radio- Listen for Tom Stebbins during time- 3:21-4:44

Recent Articles

11/13/13 — The Journal News - Time to Fix State’s Costly ‘Scaffold Law’

10/31/2013 — Queens Chronicle - Medical Tort Reform Now

10/30/13 — Times Leger - Lawsuits Drive Up Healthcare Costs

10/26/13 — Times Union -Letter: State Laws Open Doors to Excessive Lawsuits

10/23/13 — Newsday - Lawsuits are Costly for Schools

9/27/13 — The Saratogian - Letter: Incident Highlights Need to Change State Statute

9/10/13 — The Daily Gazette - Editorial: At Last, it’s Time to Dismantle ‘Scaffold Law’

9/6/13 — Utica Observer Dispatch - OUR VIEW: Disassemble State’s Archaic Scaffold Law

9/3/13 – New York Daily News - Doctoring the Rockaways

8/31/13 — Associated Press - Critics Say it’s Time NY Ends 1885 Scaffold Law

8/15/13 — Syracuse Post Standard - Reform Scaffold Law to Make Projects Like Tappan Zee Bridge Cheaper: Your letters

8/2/13 — Binghamton Press & Sun-BulletinLetter: Lawsuit Reform Would Aid Municipalities

7/25/13 — Brooklyn Daily Eagle - OPINION: Stop Letting Our Hospitals Die!

7/9/13 — New York Post - Reckless $ilver Hammer

6/19/13 — New York Daily News - Sheldon Silver Kills Proposed Changes to City’s Scaffold Law

6/18/13 – Newsday – Trial Lawyers Chase Away Businesses

6/16/13 — Crain’s New York Business -Tear Down This Law

6/9/13 — The Journal News - Past Time to Scrap Scaffold Law

6/1/13 — Building the Southern Tier (2013 Edition) – Reforming the Scaffold Law – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

5/17/13 — Times Union – Letter: Lawsuit Lending a Form of Legal Loan Sharking

5/11/13– New York Daily News – Shark Patrol

5/3/13 — The Buffalo News – Out-of-Date Legislation is Expensive Without Making Workers Any Safer

4/8/13 — Crain’s New York Business – Jobless Bill Will Backfire

4/8/13 — Times Union – Letter: Focus Effort on Preventing Abuse

3/25/13 — The Post Journal – Stebbins Discusses Scaffold Law At STBA Meeting

3/20/13 — Long Island Business News –  Scaffold Law Reform Costs Under Fire (Subscription Required)

3/18/13 — The Wall Street Journal: Law Blog - Texas Trial Lawyer Eyes New York for Sandy Clients

3/17/13 — Crain’s New York Business - Builders, Insurers Stepping up Effort to Dismantle Scaffold Law

3/17/13 — Austin American Statesman - Texas Trial Lawyer Eyes New York Storm Cases

3/11/13 — The New York Times - Fighting Suits, Not Settling Them

3/8/13 – New York Daily News - Lawsuit Sanity

2/20/13 — The Journal News- Boost Jobs, Reform Scaffold law

2/13/13 — Times Union – Industry Says Law Expensive, Obsolete

2/11/13 — Long Island Business News - New Law Standardizes Serving Notices of Claims (Subscription Required)

2/2/13 — Times Herald-Record - My View: Loss of Lawsuit Shows Urgency of Reforming ‘Scaffold Law’ 

1/30/13 — Rockland County Times – Hey Cuomo, Silver and Skelos, are you Listening? Absurd Economic Burden Imposed on New Yorkers by 19th Century Scaffold Law

1/29/13 — The Wall Street Journal - Costs of Too Many Hungry Lawyers

1/24/13 — The Empire Page – I Hate to Say I Told You So…

1/12/13– Times Union – Letter: Scaffold Statute a Financial Drain

12/13/12New York Law Journal- Tort Reform Advocates Bemoan Trial Lawyer Influence in Albany (Subscription Required)

12/12/12– Legal Newsline- Report: Trial Lawyers Spend $20M in N.Y. Politics

12/11/12– Utica Observer-Dispatch - Law Needs Reform If State Is To Grow

12/11/12– New York Post - State Lawyers Have Spent $20M to Block Reforms

12/5/12 — Rochester Democrat & ChronicleWeb Essay: NY Law Undermines Economic Development

11/20/12 — City & State - Out Of Court: Health Courts Could Cut Costs, But Lawyers Cry Foul

11/20/12 — City & State - A Costly Safety Net: Could Repealing The Scaffold Law Boost New York’s Economy?

11/14/12 – The Buffalo News - Letter: Frivolous Lawsuits No Laughing Matter

10/29/12 – Crain’s New York Business – Obama Comes Out Ahead in Law-Firm Donations (Subscription Required)

10/28/12 — The Daily Freeman - LETTER: Reform ‘Scaffold Law’

10/20/12 — The Daily Star - Fox Judgment Is Bad for New Yorkers

10/19/12 — Long Island Business News - Stebbins: Labor Law Must Go (Subscription Required)

10/19/12 — Times Union - Canceling Recess An Inane Decision

10/8/12 — Syracuse Post Standard- Changing Scaffold Law Would Aid Development

10/5/12 — Oswego County Today - Rotarians Learn About Lawsuits

10/3/12–Newsday -  Letter: Use Tappan Zee to Rid NY of Bad Law

10/3/12 — A.M.Best - Mass Withdrawal of Construction Liability Writers in NY Traced Back to Scaffold Law

9/28/12 –The Journal NewsCut Costs, Repeal ‘Scaffold Law’

9/1/12–ABC Empire:Progress Under Construction – Tort Reform: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

8/22/12– Thomson Reuters News & InsightNotice of Claim Bill Sparks Opposition After Passing Legislature

8/19/12– New York Post - It’ll Suit Them Well

8/17/12–The Buffalo NewsScaffold Law Reform Should Rise to the Top of Cuomo’s Agenda

8/3/12 — The Empire Page - Scaffold Law Reform Would Truly Open NY for Business

7/26/12– Times Union – Lawsuits Extract $1B From Localities a Year

–Trial Lawyers Response -Letter: Protecting Citizens Will Keep Costs Down

—Citizen’s Follow Up - Letter: Drivers decide if roads are safe

6/28/12–The Journal News - Community View: Albany Sneaks in Bill That Hurts Municipalities

6/26/12– Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin- Guest Viewpoint: Lawsuit Expansion Would Hurt Taxpayers

6/26/12– The Ithaca JournalGuest Viewpoint: Lawsuit Expansion Would Hurt Taxpayers

6/26/12– Elmira Star-GazetteGuest Viewpoint: Lawsuit Expansion Would Hurt Taxpayers

5/26/12– New York Daily News - Tort Reform Rx

5/26/12– New York Post - Heal The Bronx

5/21/12–Nyack-Piermont Patch- Opinion: Carlucci Should Treat Disease, Not Symptom

4/21/12–Rochester Democrat and ChronicleEssay: New York Needs Lawsuit Reform

4/19/12–North Country Public Radio- Business Groups Bring Priorities to Albany

4/18/12–InnovationTrail- Why Business Groups Want to Dismantle New York’s Scaffold Law

3/29/12–The Buffalo News - Gallivan Bill Would Reform Scaffold Law to Help Business

3/23/12– Elmira Star Gazette - Guest Viewpoint: Lawsuits Hinder Flood-Battered Municipalities

3/23/12– Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin - Guest Viewpoint: Lawsuits Hinder Flood-Battered Municipalities

3/20/12–The Legislative Gazette - Bill Would Allow Doctors to Informally Discuss Patient Lawsuits Amongst Themselves

3/15/12– Rockland County Times - A Billion Dollars Wasted Thanks to NY Trial Lawyers

3/13/12–Times Herald Record – My View: Scaffold Law Puts Unnecessary Burden on Taxpayers

3/11/12–The Post Standard/ Advertising Supplement (Home & Garden Show 12) -It’s Time to Get the Record Straight About New York’s Scaffold Law

3/8/12– Times UnionFind Better Ways to Prevent Sexual Abuse

3/02/12–The Utica Observer-Dispatch - Medical Liability Costs Problem With Medicaid

2/28/12– The Palladium Times - Suing is Often Frivolous in NY

2/16/12–Staten Island Advance – $900 Trillion Lawsuit Hurts All New Yorkers

2/15/12 — Long Island Business News - Fight Looms Over Scaffold Law (Subscription Required)

1/25/12–The Troy Record - Pulse of the People: We Are Less Safe

1/16/12– Syracuse Post Standard- Letter’s Claim About Scaffold Law Fictitious 

1/14/12– Times Union- Letter: Asbestos Drains Our Economy

12/2011–Cornerstone - Q & A With the Lawsuit Reform Alliance on Scaffold Law Reform

12/19/11–Schenectady Daily GazetteAlbany Branded a ‘Judicial Hellhole’

12/15/11–North Country Gazette - Albany Courts Among Nation’s Judicial Hellholes 

12/5/11 –The Ithaca JournalLetter: Huge Lawsuits More Harmful Than Useful

11/11/11 –PenfieldPost - Study: Monroe County governments pay out $14M in lawsuits

11/11/11 –GreecePostStudy: Monroe County governments pay out $14M in lawsuits

11/10/11 –Rockland County TimesHudson Valley Municipalities Pay Among Highest Lawsuit Settlement Costs in New York

10/11/11 – Crain’s New York - Coffey’s ‘Lawsuit Loan Sharking’ Fund

10/9/11 –Crain’s New York - Scaling Down the Scaffold Law

10/5/11 — Crain’s New YorkCoalition eyes ‘scaffold law’ reforms    

10/3/11 — WorkCompCentralCoalition Taking Another Run at ‘Scaffold Law’

9/30/11 –New York Law Journal - Business Group Seeks to Change Scaffold Law

8/17/11 –MidHudson News - Lawsuit reform group calls Pierre suit ‘frivolous’

– MidHudson News Radio- Listen for Tom Stebbins during time- 3:21-4:44

8/17/11 –EmpireStateNews.Net - Lawsuit reform group fights ‘frivolous’ lawsuits, even in the face of tragedy

8/14/11 –The Poughkeepsie JournalMinivan-drownings suit could cost taxpayers plenty

8/11/11 – Queens Tribune Letter to the Editor (3rd letter down) - Malpractice Update-Peninsula Hospital Closing

8/2/11 –Times Union- ‘Lawsuit lottery’ must be limited

8/2/11 –Binghamton Press & Sun-BulletinReforming N.Y. lawsuit laws would aid economy

8/2/11 –Buffalo News Op-Ed-Antiquated legal system is a drag on state’s economy

— Trial Lawyer ResponseDon’t punish victims in pursuit of justice (See Comments)

8/1/11 –The Ithaca Journal-Reforming N.Y. lawsuit laws would aid economy

8/1/11 –Elmira Star Gazette-Reforming N.Y. lawsuit laws would aid economy

7/24/11 –Journal News Op-Ed-New York’s litigation-friendly laws hurt businesses

Trial Lawyer ResponseDon’t limit rights of workers, victims

3/29/11 –Syracuse Post Standard editorial

3/22/11 –New York Post Op-Ed

3/21/11 –New York Post Editorial