NY Post Editorial: “It will be a wonder if New Yorkers manage to keep any of their money away from the trial lawyers.”

Today’s New York Post editorial.  We couldn’t agree more.

Yes. It Really Is This Bad.

Those of us who work in and around the State Capital are often asked if the media reports and our whining are really exagerations.  As today’s (June 18, 2010) New York Post’s editorial points out, it really is that bad.  In a State without a budget and without a plan to pay its bills in [...]

Lawsuit Reform STILL Not on the Table

Here’s an article from Crain’s New York Business which points to the fact that Governor’s proposals to fix the medical malpractice program still don’t include tort reform.

Governor Paterson Considering Giving Personal Injury Trial Lawyers a Massive Payday

Governor Paterson is considering giving New York’s personal injury trial lawyers a massive payday which will raise insurance rates and make health care more expensive and potentially less accessible.   Media reports are begining to surface about the Governor’s plan to remove the State’s cap on legal fees for medical malpractice lawsuits.   Read the [...]

Alaska Ranks Number One Because of Tort Reform

Check out this article in the New York Post arguing — again — that New York adopt commonsense lawsuit reform.