New York’s litigation-friendly laws hurt business

Most everyone would agree that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been uniquely successful in getting his agenda passed through a Legislature that was completely dysfunctional not too long ago. So, what’s next? Reforming New York’s antiquated and stifling legal system has wide support and would provide millions in economic development at no cost to the state. [...]

Injustice the Film — Tonight at 10:00pm

Tonight at 10:0pm EDT on the Reelz channel, don’t miss “Injustice” a film about greed and corruption in America’s lawsuit industry. Visit the website for more information.

LRANY Supports Fair Compensation for Justices

An article published yesterday in The New York Times showcases the fact that for the first time in New York History, judges are actually leaving the bench, not to retire, but to return to practicing law.  A recent study showed nearly 1 in 10 judges leaving annually. Judges in New York are required to be lawyers and in [...]