Proposed Legislation Would Rein in Liability for Equine Businesses

An article in The Buffalo News on Monday highlighted the “Equine Activity Safety Code Act”, proposed  by Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer, which would limit the liability for horse facility operators.  Currently in New York, horseback riding is governed by the general liability rule, which encourages lawsuits for injuries that were beyond the operators’ control.  This legislation would make horseback riding [...]

Father Sues Cornell for $168 Million

It was a great tragedy on February 17, 2010 when Bradley Ginsburg, a student at Cornell University, chose to take his life by jumping off a bridge into the Fall Creek gorge.   On November 21, 2011, over a year and a half after the incident, Bradley’s father Howard Ginsburg filed a lawsuit against the university [...]

LRANY is Committed to Spreading the Message About NY’s Need for Reform!

The first step towards reforming New York’s unbalanced and antiquated justice system is awareness.  LRANY is committing to educating all New Yorker’s about our issues and spreading the message.   Does your company or someone you know want to learn more about lawsuit reform? We have had great success speaking at various venues including Medical [...]

Lawsuit Lenders on the Prowl During the Holiday Season

A recent press release on Market Watch revealed that consumers looking for extra cash during the holiday season may be lured into taking out a “lawsuit loan.”  The manipulative lawsuit lending industry provides a way for plaintiffs to borrow off their potential settlements, prior to and judgment actually being made – but at a steep cost. Lawsuit [...]

A Gobble Worth $4.25 Million

In the spirit of Turkey Day, here is a ridiculous lawsuit with an absurdly high judgment from 2010 which may make you gobble, I mean giggle. Have a wonderful holiday! “What began as a dispute between neighbors about pet turkeys ended Friday when a Beaufort County jury awarded two Hilton Head Island siblings $4.25 million in damages. In 2004, [...]

Newest Assembly Member: New York Needs Scaffold Law Reform

By: Scott Hobson – Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York We would like to join the many others in congratulating Ray Walter on becoming the new Assembly Member for Amherst.  Most significantly, we would like to applaud our state’s newest legislator on his commitment to reforming Labor Law 240/241, also known as the “Scaffold Law”. [...]

Actress Sues New York City for Accident with Cyclist

A Brooklyn actress, Dana Jacks, is suing New York City for $3 million after being struck by a cyclist in Prospect Park last summer, Mail Online reports .  She is claiming that her accident and 25 day hospital stay was a result of the city’s Parks Department and NYPD “negligent, careless and reckless” lack of [...]

Bacon and Eggs With a Side of Frivolous Lawsuit

A New York personal injury lawyer recently filed a lawsuit against his upscale NYC gym for putting a cramp in his daily routine when they stopped serving breakfast.  Richard Katz is suing the facility for $750,000, claiming their misleading actions were illegal, despicable, reckless, malicious, deliberate, and immoral. With the annual fee a jaw dropping [...]

Additional Specialized Medical Malpractice Courts, a Step in the Right Direction

Malpractice costs are among the factors that not only drive up the costs of health care in New York but also drive out doctors, especially those practicing in high-risk specialties such as obstetrics. Anything that lowers those costs could also lower malpractice insurance rates and help to slow the outflow of medical talent. The Associated [...]

The Capitol,Issue Spotlight- Tort Reform

The latest issue of The Capitol newspaper spotlights tort reform.  The issue highlights many important areas including the century old New York scaffold law, medical malpractice reform, and joint and several liability among other topics.  This issue also includes a score card which names the issues and the players and even a round table discussion with New York State legislatures [...]