Crain’s: New York Must Unshackle Business

An article in yesterday’s Crain’s New York Business outlined several outdated and costly mandates that should be modified or repealed to help make New York more prosperous. Not surprisingly, the Scaffold Law made the list. From the article: “Gov. Andrew Cuomo has much to do in the current legislative session if he is to live up to his pledge [...]

Denver Lawsuit to Make Decision on Lawsuit Lending

A recent article in The Denver Post highlights a lawsuit which will soon determine if firms advancing money to plaintiffs must register as lenders.    The manipulative lawsuit lending industry, also known as non-recourse civil litigation advance contracts, provides a way for plaintiffs to borrow off their potential settlements, prior to and judgment actually being [...]

Forbes: America’s Ongoing Tort Litigation Nightmare

“Tort litigation costs Americans more than $250 billion, that’s the equivalent to 2.2 percent of GDP and roughly $838 per person, according to Towers Watson.  This has real economic consequences. In healthcare alone, it’s estimated that tort reform could eliminate up 27 percent of medical costs. In other words, 27 cents of every healthcare dollar [...]

The Troy Record-Pulse of The People: We are less safe

Read the opinion piece published today in The Troy Record written by our Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, on the recent lawsuit filed by the mother of Chad Brothers.  Brothers story was brought to our attention by the media when back in October 2011 in a steroid driven rampage at the gym the police had to shock him [...]

Porky Prisoner Suing for $1 Million, Claims Unfit Apparel is Need for Shrink

The New York Post reports that Elias A. Diaz, a 400 pound felon has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York seeking $1 million. Diaz was arrested for weapons possession in May 2011 and incarcerated for 8 months for his crime.  During this time, Diaz was not provided with standard prison clothes due to his [...]

Town, Police Face Lawsuit for Enraged Steroid User’s Death

By: Tom Stebbins From the every-tragedy-deserves-a-lawsuit department, the mother of a man who died after officers subdued him at a Gold’s Gym filed a notice of her intent to sue the town of Colonie and the police. On October 31, 2011, the Colonie police were called to Gold’s Gym in Latham, NY after Chad Brothers [...]

Letter’s Claim About Scaffold Law Fictitious

A recent editorial, “Scaffold Law is one Mandate that Works”, in the Syracuse Post Standard by New York State Trial Lawyers Association President Leslie Kelmatcher sought to perpetuate the myth that the Scaffold Law makes workplaces safer. Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York’s Executive Director, Tom Stebbins and Mike Elmendorf, President of the New York Associated General Contractors, co-authored a response [...]

Letter: Asbestos Drains Our Economy

A Letter to the Editor written by our Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, was run in Sunday’s edition of the Times Union.  The letter was in a response to an article titled,  The Asbestos Case ‘Business’, which detailed how a local widow of a victim of asbestos exposure fell victim herself to the deceptive practices of trial lawyers. Read [...]

Statement from LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, on Governor Cuomo’s Budget Proposal

“The budget released today by Governor Cuomo omits critical legal reforms that would both reduce state Medicaid spending and provide meaningful mandate relief.  These reforms would help generate millions in revenue, save our state and municipalities crucial tax dollars, and generate jobs and economic growth. We applaud the Governor’s creation of a Medicaid Redesign Team [...]

Why Does a Medicine in New York Cost 6000% More than in Pennsylvania?

It’s not worth more, it just costs more. By: Tom Stebbins In the Sunday, January 8th, Daily News, columnist Beverly Weintraub wrote an article, ‘Anatomy of a Ripoff,’ about her shock at the bill she received from a local hospital for services her son had recently received. One notable number from Ms. Weintraub’s editorial was $6.52.  This was how much [...]