New York Post Letter: Heal The Bronx

Be sure to read LRANY’s Executive Director’s letter, Heal the Bronx, featured in the New York Post this past weekend.  This letter is in response to the recent conviction of ex-senator Pedro Espada, who was convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a federally funded healthcare center in the Bronx.   LRANY sees this [...]

Someone Hurt My Feelings in Your Store, $1m Please

By: Michael Seinberg Everyone knows how the first amendment allows for free speech except in cases where it poses an immediate public danger, like yelling fire in crowded theater. Well, one New Jersey resident obviously thinks that in such a case the theater is clearly at fault. Donnell Battie of Winslow, NJ is suing Wal-Mart [...]

Capital Tonight: AGC Counterpunches Trial Lawyers

Capital Tonight’s State of Politics Blog recently shared a post highlighting ACG’s rebuttal to a recent ad by the New York State Trial Lawyers against reforming the antiquated ‘Scaffold Law’. “The Associated General Contractors are blasting the New York State Trial Lawyers Association over the campaign to reform the state’s Scaffold Law. In a letter to state lawmakers, AGC [...]

Nyack-Piermont Patch Opinion: Carlucci Should Treat Disease, Not Symptom

Today the Nyack-Piermont Patch highlighted LRANY Executive Director’s letter to the editor in response to the recent announcement of a program designed to bring doctors back to New York. An Excerpt: “We applaud Senator Carlucci’s call for greater efficiency in multimillion dollar Doctors Across New York program, a program designed to lure doctors back to New York (“Carlucci Calls [...]

Pastor Sues Church Critics for $500,000

By: Michael Seinberg Americans have always counted religious freedom as one of the cornerstones of our society. However, one Oregon religious leader doesn’t think that religious freedom and freedom of speech should break bread together. Pastor Charles O’Neal of the Beaverton Grace Bible Church has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against four former church members over online comments [...]

The Truth Beneath the Steam

Trial Lawyers created the film Hot Coffee to document our civil justice system, but something was missing: the whole truth. Now, a panel of legal experts dissects fact from fiction… Visit to view the six video series that exposes the various ways in which this biased documentary leaves out many important truths.  The panel, which is mediated by [...]

Woman Sued for Texting a Driver?

By: Michael Seinberg Attorney Stephen “Skippy” Weinstein has expanded a lawsuit in a way that makes you wonder if he shouldn’t be given a breathalyzer test to determine if he’s suing while intoxicated. Skippy has filed suit in New Jersey against Shannon Colonna because she was texting Kyle Best while he was driving and had [...]

Pennsylvania Sees Decline in Medical Malpractice Cases Following Reforms

The Times-Tribune reported today that Pennsylvania has seen a significant decrease in medical malpractice lawsuits in recent years.  This decrease is a result of two crucial reforms to the way medical malpractice cases are handled in the court system. See an excerpt: “Statewide and in most of Northeast Pennsylvania, attorneys filed significantly fewer medical malpractice lawsuits [...]

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

By: Michael Seinberg You’re a convicted felon. You’re in prison for up to 25 years for looting the company you worked for. But you don’t give up do you? Nope, not if you’re Mark Swartz, former CFO of Tyco International who just sued Tyco for $60 million in retirement and other money he claims he’s [...]

Coalition Calls on Cuomo for Action on Scaffold Law

This week, LRANY joined a coalition urging Governor Cuomo and the Mandate Relief Council to support reform of New York’s antiquated “Scaffold Law”. See excerpt from press release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York’s municipalities pay over $1 billion each year for total claims and legal judgments, including increased liability under the Scaffold Law.  A broad [...]