NYC Passes Trial Lawyer Full Employment Act

By: Michael Seinberg In what might be a record for legislative overreach, New York City lawmakers passed the most far-reaching measure in the US to protect unemployed job seekers. The new law, which takes effect in three months, will allow the unemployed to sue an employer if they feel they were turned down for a [...]

The New York Times: Fighting Suits, Not Settling Them

LRANY Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, recently had a letter to the editor published in the The New York Times which highlighted the importance of fighting lawsuits instead of settling to curb frivolous litigation in NYC. “To the Editor: Re “To Curb Suits, City Now Opts to Fight Them” (front page, Feb. 26): In 2012, New [...]

Pay The Witness Please

By: Michael Seinberg Do you have anything to say that might be worth $10,000 an hour? Most people don’t. But in a recent civil case, it seems at least one witness did. The case, a simple slip and fall filed against Cablevision would appear to be pretty routine. The plaintiff claimed she had tripped and [...]