Not Thy Brother’s Keeper

By: Michael Seinberg We all know that blood is thicker than water, but when it comes to lawsuits, it probably won’t be. In November of 2012, David Gerken, Jr. was attending a Buffalo Bills football game at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. While attending the game, Gerken became so drunk, he was ejected from [...]

Greed and Insanity Run in the Family

By: Michael Seinberg What’s crazier? Giving away a $460,000 Lamborghini to your contractor or suing a bank for letting you? Now, we all know how tough it is to find a trustworthy contractor, but is the car plus $600,000 a sign of insanity or just thanks for a job well done? Sad to say, a [...]

Paying Off Careless People

By: Michael Seinberg The economic and social cost of lawsuits are well-known and much discussed, especially here in New York State, where taxpayers are on the hook for over a billion dollars annually for settlements and judgments. This issue was brought into very sharp focus recently during a contentious city council meeting in Troy, NY. [...]

Pay The Witness Please

By: Michael Seinberg Do you have anything to say that might be worth $10,000 an hour? Most people don’t. But in a recent civil case, it seems at least one witness did. The case, a simple slip and fall filed against Cablevision would appear to be pretty routine. The plaintiff claimed she had tripped and [...]

Getting a Masters in Crybaby Behavior

By: Michael Seinberg Some people just don’t get it. Take Megan Thode as a prime example. Megan got to pursue a Masters at Lehigh University for free because her father is a professor there. Talk about a good deal. Well, she chose to go for a degree that would allow her to become a state-certified [...]

Buckyballs Attract Another Lawsuit

By: Michael Seinberg If the stroller you bought for your child is recalled due to safety concerns, what do you do? Get it replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. If you get a letter from the maker of your car that there has been a recall of your model, what do you do? You [...]

College Journalists Cleared, Politician Ordered to Pay, Happy Ending Declared

By: Michael Seinberg College tuition is pretty outrageous today, but imagine getting hit with an additional charge of $50 million over a class assignment. Confused? Don’t worry, it all worked out thanks to a not-so-sharp politician and a reasonable judge. In the fall of 2012, Logan Spillane and Christopher Hardy, journalism students at St. Michael’s [...]

Costs of Too Many Hungry Lawyers; LRANY Executive Director Letter Hits WSJ

Today, The Wall Street Journal ran a letter written by LRANY Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins,  regarding America’s surplus of lawyers – and the corresponding surplus of lawsuits that is draining our economy.  The problem is particularly acute here in New York where we spend more on lawsuits than almost anywhere else in the world. From [...]

Wrong Number, Wrong Lawsuit

By: Michael Seinberg Most people get the occasional wrong number call and are able to survive the experience. But not Michael Nasser Sr. of Virginia. It seems that White Pages incorrectly listed his number as belonging to Comcast Phone of Virginia, so very close to the spelling of Nasser. Well, you know what happened next [...]

Red Bull%$!& Lawsuit: It Didn’t Give Me Wings!

By: Michael Seinberg Here’s a quick quiz (no cheating!): do you believe everything you see in advertisements? If you answered no, congratulations – you are blessed with basic common sense. Unfortunately, one buyer of Red Bull answered yes, and he’s hoping to cash in on what is easily the most ridiculous lawsuit of 2013 (so [...]