Q & A with LRANY’s Tom Stebbins on Scaffold Law Reform

LRANY’s Executive Director Tom Stebbins is featured in the winter 2011 edition of the Associated General Contractors of New York State’s (AGC NYS) publication Cornerstone.  In the article, Walter Pacholzack, Vice President of Government Affairs at AGC NYS, discusses the Scaffold Law with Tom and how reforming the scaffold law would add jobs, save municipalities money, improve safety and [...]

Vote Today for Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Year

Every year the Faces of Lawsuit Abuse put together an annual poll of the most ridiculous lawsuits of the year.   See the nominees below and visit their website to vote for your favorite!   2011 Annual Poll Young adults sue mother for sending cards without gifts and playing favorites (read story) Man suing for [...]

Town of Amherst Lawsuit in the Headlines

A recent article in the Buffalo News highlighted the ongoing legal battle that arose from a decade-old Scaffold Law suit. The “Bissell Case”, says the article, “has become synonymous with a nightmarish tug-of-war between the town and a wealthy state agency that has failed to honor its own policies and make payment in a multimillion- dollar lawsuit [...]

Latest High Court Decision Takes Common Sense Approach to Scaffold Law

By: Scott Hobson A recent ruling by the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, narrowly upheld the lower Supreme Court’s order which dismissed a Scaffold Law suit in its entirety. The suit, Salazar v. Novalex Construction Corp., et al., was decided by the Court of Appeals on November 21, 2011, by [...]

Court Of Appeals Decision: Martin Act Does Not Bar Common Law Claims

 By: Scott Hobson A recent 6-0 ruling in the case of Assured Guaranty v. J.P. Morgan by the New York Court of Appeals held that the nearly century-old Martin Act does not preclude private investors from pursuing claims in common law. The decision overturned a January 2011 ruling by a Manhattan federal court judge which held [...]

LRANY Executive Director Discusses “Judicial Hellhole” Status on ‘Capital Tonight’

Last night, Tom Stebbins, Executive Director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York was featured on YNN’s “Capital Tonight” with Associated General Contractors of New York State President, Mike Elmendorf. In the interview with Liz Benjamin, they discussed the American Tort Reform Foundation’s recently released 2011-2012 “Judicial Hellholes” report, which ranked New York City and Albany [...]

LRANY Executive Director to be Featured on “Capital Tonight” This Evening

Tom Stebbins, Executive Director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY) will be featured on tonight’s “Capital Tonight” on YNN (check local listings or visit their website).  Tom will discuss the 2011-2012 “Judicial Hellholes” report recently released by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA). The study names New York City and Albany as the [...]

Transparency is an Issue for NYC Comptroller

Lawyers get Liu-bricated is the title of a article recently featured in the New York Post.  The article illuminated a disturbing trend in the New York City Comptroller’s office – hiring private attorneys to handle public business without properly disclosing such matters. Certainly, from time to time, there is a need to hire outside support for the [...]

Judicial Hellholes 2011/2012 Report- New York City and Albany Rank Sixth Worst in U.S.

  New York’s famously plaintiff-friendly civil justice system is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. The American Tort Reform Foundation released their annual Judicial Hellholes Report today, ranking New York City and Albany as the sixth worst “judicial hellhole” in the country.  Previously on the watch list in 2011, the warnings signs weren’t enough to keep Albany and New [...]

Brooklyn Man Bitten by “Lawsuit Loan Shark”

The New York Post recently published an article highlighting a case in which a Brooklyn man, Joseph Gill, was the victim of an attack by lawsuit loan sharks.  Gill borrowed $4,000 from lawsuit lenders to pay for medical expenses and surgeries in 2006 after a false arrest left him with serious back injuries.  Now five years later, the [...]