Court: Fall From Pallet Not Covered By Scaffold Law

By: Scott Hobson In a recent decision by the Appellate Division of the First Department (Bronx), the court ruled that the plaintiff’s fall from a wooden pallet did not trigger liability under the “Scaffold Law.” The Scaffold Law imposes absolute liability (total liability regardless of fault) on contractors and property owners for “gravity-related” injuries. However, what constitutes [...]

A Homerun….For The Lawyers

By: Michael Seinberg In 2006, Steven Domalewski was a normal 12-year-old pitching in a little league game in New Jersey. Seconds later, his life changed forever. His pitch was hit by a batter and the line drive came back and struck him in the chest. He was sent flying backwards and the impact caused his [...]

DHA Awards Yankees Liability Protections Under SAFETY Act

By: Scott Hobson In June of this year, New York’s Yankee Stadium became the first professional sports facility to be certified under the Federal SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) Act. The SAFETY Act allows the Department of Homeland Security to certify providers of anti-terrorism technology and services which meet rigorous standards. Certified providers [...]

Pain In The A$$ Lawsuit

By: Michael Seinberg You’re in Dallas Texas in August. What comes to mind? HOT! Well, in August 2010, that didn’t occur to Jennelle Carillo who sat on a black marble bench outside Cowboys Stadium. She was there to attend the Blue & Gold scrimmage game and temperatures that day were reportedly more than 100 degrees. [...]

Coalition Presents NYS Thruway Authority With Major Cost Saving Measure: Scaffold Law Reform

For Immediate Release: This week, a coalition of advocacy groups representing small and large businesses, developers, insurers, builders, contractors, and taxpayers issued a joint letter to the Chairman and Director of the New York State Thruway Authority asking for their support in working with the governor and state lawmakers to reform New York’s “Scaffold Law.” [...]

New York Post: It’ll Suit Them Well

Yesterday the New York Post ran a letter to the editor written by LRANY’s Scott Hobson, in response to an article discussing a proposal for a “super control board’’ that could take over the finances of municipalities on the verge of bankruptcy. An excerpt: “Fred Dicker’s recent article highlighting proposals for the creation of a [...]

A Model Lawsuit

By: Michael Seinberg What does your average model do when a picture of her appears all over the world? Celebrate? Get more work from the exposure? Well, if you’re 30-year-old Caroline Giles, you file suit for $23 million. Giles, who just graduated from Columbia University at age 30 with a bachelors in psychology, has sued [...]

NY Post: It’s ‘Burden of Goof’

Ridiculous lawsuits in New York are a common occurrence, this week the New York Post shares a collage of comical and wacky “lawyerless”  lawsuits that New York City has faced over the years.  While these cases are sure to make you chuckle, they create unnecessary work for our state and clog our courts, putting a hold [...]

Commendable Response to Deceptive Argument

In recent weeks, we shared a piece which was published in the Albany Times Union which covered some preliminary findings of a study by the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. The study breaks down the annual cost that municipalities bear as a result of lawsuits and has found that at least $1 billion is spent per [...]

Newsflash: Gasoline is Flammable

We recently shared with you the unfortunate news that lawsuits burned down another company – Blitz USA was forced to close its doors on July 31st after 46 years of business.  The gas can maker was ultimately sued into bankruptcy, after numerous lawsuits from misuse of their product bled the company dry.  Since we shared [...]