NY Post: It’s ‘Burden of Goof’

Ridiculous lawsuits in New York are a common occurrence, this week the New York Post shares a collage of comical and wacky “lawyerless”  lawsuits that New York City has faced over the years.  While these cases are sure to make you chuckle, they create unnecessary work for our state and clog our courts, putting a hold on justice for cases with merit.  Surprisingly, self-represented cases make up about  a fifth of all cases filling the city’s civil federal courthouses each year.  Not all of the cases are frivolous, however judges have to consider countless ludicrous cases in the process of pursuing legitimate ones.

An excerpt:

“‘We have a lot of frivolous cases,”’veteran Judge Frederic Block said of self-filed lawsuits. ‘On the other hand, all the judges feel that you have to just grin and bear it . . . they do deserve their day in court.’

Going ‘pro se,’ the legal term for the self-represented, might be cheaper than hiring a lawyer, but it isn’t free — launching a new case in federal courts costs $350 in fees.”

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