Commendable Response to Deceptive Argument

In recent weeks, we shared a piece which was published in the Albany Times Union which covered some preliminary findings of a study by the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. The study breaks down the annual cost that municipalities bear as a result of lawsuits and has found that at least $1 billion is spent per year on legal defense, judgments, and settlements for lawsuits.

A predictable response arose from the new President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Michael Jaffe, which aimed to talk down our organization rather than dispute the facts of the study.  ”While conservative groups and corporate lobbyists such as the so-called Lawsuit Reform Alliance like to spread the myth that New York is “sue happy,” the truth is quite the opposite.” 

A recent letter to the editor, in response to Jaffe, brings up various flaws in his misleading argument.  ”Michael Jaffe should have submitted his letter after further reflection,” it begins, and continues to highlight weak and incorrect allegations made by Jaffe.  This was a factual and well written letter revealing the deceptive practices weighing down our state.


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