Would You Like Sex With That Sir?

By: Michael Seinberg Here’s a new one: A woman is claiming in a federal lawsuit that McDonald’s is responsible, in part, for forcing her into the world’s oldest profession. Oh, and it happened 20 years ago. Oh, and she married the guy who did this to her. Confused? Read on. Shelley Lynn claims that she was hired [...]

Apple, Glass Doors and the $1 Million Broken Nose

By: Michael Seinberg For 83-year old Evelyn Paswell, modern architecture seems to be a problem. Paswell walked into the clear glass front door of the Manhassat, Long Island Apple Store on December 13 and broke her nose. Paswell, a Queens grandmother and former fur company vice president is now suing Apple for $1 million. The [...]

Scaffold Law Reform Sponsorship Gains Media Attention

On Tuesday Senator Gallivan announced his sponsorship of a bill to reform New York’s antiquated ‘Scaffold Law.’  This announcement has echoed with attention from the media, despite the unfortunate timing of the budget hype.  The announcement was heralded by business groups, taxpayer groups, and civil justice advocates as an important step forward, and has garnered [...]

Senator Gallivan Sponsors Legislation to Reform the “Scaffold Law”

“New York State is routinely hailed as one of the most adverse environments in the nation for creating jobs, retaining jobs, or attracting jobs. To change that, New York needs to examine its own regulations and red tape that deter private sector growth and investment – beginning with the state’s burdensome Scaffold Law,” said Senator [...]

Guest Viewpoint: Lawsuits Hinder Flood-Battered Municipalities

Read the guest viewpoint recently featured in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin and the Elmira Star Gazette written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.  This piece highlights the unfortunate lawsuits being filed against multiple municipalities regarding their responses to the 2011 flooding.  These lawsuits will only further worsen the condition of these municipalities who are still struggling [...]

LRANY Applauds Senate for Passing Legislation to Curb “Ambulance Chasing”

By: Scott Hobson The New York State Senate has passed legislation, sponsored by Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R, Rockville Centre), which increases penalties for hiring or acting as a “runner” to procure clients, patients, or customers. A runner is defined as a person hired by a professional, typically a lawyer or doctor, to solicit services. [...]

Subconscious Discrimination Lawsuit in Iowa

By: Mike Seinberg A class action lawsuit against the Iowa state government is being closely watched by civil rights advocates and civil justice activists. The case, which covers up to 6,000 African-Americans who allege that they were passed over for jobs and or promotions dating back to 2003, comes down to what is being called [...]

Brooklyn Judge Tosses ‘Sex Slave’ Case

The New York Daily News reports that a suit filed against American Apparel founder, Dov Charney, has been tossed out in New York as there was already an arbitration agreement in California.  It seems as though this plaintiff was giving her suit a try in the courts of two states at the same time. An excerpt: “A salacious [...]

Forbes: Restoring Sanity To the U.S. Tort System

An opinion editorial was recently featured in Forbes written by Cybex International’s President and COO, Arthur Hicks Jr.  This editorial titled: Restoring Sanity To the U.S. Tort System, highlights the major obstacles faced by companies in the U.S. to stay afloat with the extensive regulations and trial lawyers hungry to hit the “lawsuit lottery”. An excerpt: “Much less discussed, however, [...]

New York Judges to Receive Fair Compensation

After 13 years of debate, discussion, lawsuits and acrimony, it appears New York’s judges will finally get a raise.  According to published reports, the money for judicial pay raises, some $27.7 million, is in the NYS budget and will remain intact. The Lawsuit Reform Alliance applauds this victory and supports reasonable judicial salaries for the [...]