Guest Viewpoint: Lawsuits Hinder Flood-Battered Municipalities

Read the guest viewpoint recently featured in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin and the Elmira Star Gazette written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.  This piece highlights the unfortunate lawsuits being filed against multiple municipalities regarding their responses to the 2011 flooding.  These lawsuits will only further worsen the condition of these municipalities who are still struggling to rebuild from the tragic acts of mother nature.

From the guest viewpoint:

There is a principle in law called “force majeure,” more commonly known as the “Act of God” clause, which states that certain events are simply beyond the control of man. In his pending lawsuits against eight to 10 municipalities, the county and the state for their response to the 2011 floods, attorney Ron Benjamin seems to have forgotten the principle.

As reported in the March 11 article, “Lawsuits push towns to the limit,” Benjamin is now inundating local governments with requests for information that constitute a “fishing expedition,” according to one source. For small towns and cities that have already suffered severe financial distress because of the flooding, this is adding insult to a rather serious injury”.

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