“New York” Bagels, Water, and Lawsuits

By Michael Seinberg The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company opened in Delray Beach Florida in August 2009 and has since expanded to 14 locations. Their claim to fame? They have developed a special patented water filtration process, which miraculously turns Florida water into Brooklyn water, which is said to be the secret behind making a [...]

Visit LRANY at the 2012 Annual Home & Garden Show

Be sure to visit LRANY this week at the 2012 Annual Home and Garden Show held at the New York State fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY.  The event will begin at 5pm on Thursday March 15th  and run through Sunday March 18th.  There will be 800 exhibits including LRANY’s on the impact of the ‘Scaffold Law‘ on [...]

Brooklyn Man Sues Apple Because Siri Just Doesn’t Understand Him

By Michael Seinberg Life for Frank M. Fazio, of Brooklyn just isn’t fair. In November he bought a new iPhone 4S in large part, he says, because of the TV commercials showing Siri, Apple’s built in voice-activated digital assistant. But then, the budding relationship between him and Siri began to break down. When Mr. Fazio [...]

Times Herald Record,My View: Scaffold Law Puts Unnecessary Burden on Taxpayers

Read this opinion piece by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, published today in the Times Herald Record.  This piece highlights the erroneous costs spent on insurance costs related to the ‘Scaffold Law’ for state infrastructure projects such as the Tappan Zee Bridge. “It’s going to cost at least $5 billion to replace the Tappan Zee [...]

DFS Commissioner Announces No-Fault Reform Initiative

By: Donald Partyka Yesterday Benjamin Lawsky, Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services, announced the launch of a campaign to combat abuse in the no-fault auto-insurance system. New York is the home of the fourth highest auto-insurance rates in the nation , the second highest level of fraud in the country, and its no-fault system is [...]

Editorial: Find Better Ways to Prevent Sexual Abuse

An editorial by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, was published in the Times Union.  This piece highlights the unintended consequences of legislation seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse.  The bill would open a one year window in which the civil statute of limitations would be eliminated for all cases of sexual abuse, ever, against private [...]

High Price for Popcorn, Higher Price for Taxpayers

By: Mike Seinberg A Michigan man is fed up with the price of popcorn at the movie theater. Who isn’t? Everyone knows that food at the theater is overpriced and they do it because you’re a captive audience. But the gentleman in question took it to the proverbial next level when his local theater stopped [...]

Graduate Sues College Over “Busy” Roommate

By: Mike Seinberg New York resident, Lindsay Blankmeyer, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston against her former college claiming that her roommate’s active sex life sent her into a deep depression and that the college did nothing to help her, despite the college’s contention that they offered her multiple alternative housing options. [...]

NY Woman Sues OBGYN Twice for Same Birth – Dismissed Twice

By: Mike Seinberg If at first you don’t succeed…. We’ve all heard that advice but at least one lawyer took it more than too far when he tried suing a doctor for malpractice over the still birth of a baby, failed and then sued again over the scar left after the emergency c-section.  No, your [...]

Letter to the Editor: Medical Liability Costs Problem with Medicaid

Read our Executive Director, Tom Stebbins’, letter to the editor in the Utica Observer Dispatch: “The Observer-Dispatch showed courage and foresight in calling for true reform to reduce the cost of Medicaid. However, in order to truly reform Medicaid, we must address an underlying issue driving the massive Medicaid increases: medical liability costs. Those costs [...]