LRANY Open House Disclaimer

To All Potential LRANY Open House Attendees,

Please review the disclaimer below prior to your RSVP.

Thank you.


 May 8th, 2012


LRANY Open House Disclaimer



I,________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “this guy,” or “this gal,” agree that the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY), hereinafter referred to as “awesome,” its successors, assignees, third uncles and former substitute teachers, are not responsible for awkward conversations, lukewarm hors d’oeuvres, or run-ins with irritating co-workers during this evening’s Open House.   I also indemnify and hold harmless this noble non-profit for any slip and falls, spilled coffee, or errant golf balls that may arise during the evening, or any earlobe lesions, nostril flare ups or chronic tongue fractures that may result.  Basically, if it is not fun, we didn’t do it.







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