The Daily Star – Fox Judgment Is Bad for New Yorkers

This past weekend, The Daily Star ran an opinion piece written by LRANY Executive Director, Thomas Stebbins, which was in response to the recent news that an Otsego County jury awarded a woman $126 million in a lawsuit against the local Fox Hospital.  Stebbins highlights the impact that such a large judgment has on the [...]

Asbestos Proven to Cause Judicial Insanity

By: Michael Seinberg We all know that exposure to asbestos can cause all sorts of nasty health problems, but a new ruling by a New York Supreme Court justice now shows that even talking about the substance can have serious mental repercussions. It seems one Ronald Dummitt and his very talented lawyer sued Crane Co. [...]

Gas Can Manufacturer To Rise From the Ashes?

By: Michael Seinberg Last summer saw the official demise of Blitz USA, until then, the largest maker of gas cans in the US. The company claims that they were forced to declare bankruptcy as a result of lawsuits by people injured after misusing Blitz products in a variety of shockingly dangerous ways. Plaintiffs’ lawyers claim [...]

Popcorn Addiction Leads to $7.2 Million Award for Human Lab Rat

By: Michael Seinberg Remember a while back when scientists fed some lab rats the equivalent of hundreds of pounds of saccharin and then slapped warning labels all over the stuff when they developed cancer? Well, a guy in Denver managed to do much the same thing and enriched himself and his highly creative lawyer in [...]

NYC Pays $735 Million in Settlements; Lawyers Cheer

By: Michael Seinberg For those of you keeping score, Manhattan trial lawyers have hit it out of the park and into orbit. According to the City of New York, the city government will spend $735 million this year to settle lawsuits and pay out awards for suits that claim negligence, police abuse, property damage, improper [...]

A Homerun….For The Lawyers

By: Michael Seinberg In 2006, Steven Domalewski was a normal 12-year-old pitching in a little league game in New Jersey. Seconds later, his life changed forever. His pitch was hit by a batter and the line drive came back and struck him in the chest. He was sent flying backwards and the impact caused his [...]

Newsflash: Gasoline is Flammable

We recently shared with you the unfortunate news that lawsuits burned down another company – Blitz USA was forced to close its doors on July 31st after 46 years of business.  The gas can maker was ultimately sued into bankruptcy, after numerous lawsuits from misuse of their product bled the company dry.  Since we shared [...]

Lawsuits Burn Down Another Company

By: Michael Seinberg On December 28, 2005 a man named David Calder inserted the nozzle of a $3.99 gas can into his wood stove in an effort to perk up his fire, a move he later admitted was “stupid”.  Calder, who should have been nominated for a Darwin Award, was also not much of a [...]

$120 Million Dollars Awarded in Malpractice Suit

By: Michael Seinberg A Bronx jury recently awarded about $120 million to a 45-year-old woman who suffered brain damage after being treated by three different NYC-area hospitals. The award, one of the largest ever issued for medical malpractice in the state, will likely be appealed by the city. Civil juries in the Bronx are notoriously plaintiff-friendly; As one [...]

Nuts to Nutella Says Judge

By: Michael Seinberg Thanks to an angry California mom, breakfast just got a little healthier and some lawyers picked up a quick $550,000 in fees. It seems that Athena Hohenberg proposed a class action lawsuit last year after discovering that despite advertisements to the contrary, Nutella, a well-known hazelnut and chocolate spread was not a [...]