Red Bull%$!& Lawsuit: It Didn’t Give Me Wings!

By: Michael Seinberg Here’s a quick quiz (no cheating!): do you believe everything you see in advertisements? If you answered no, congratulations – you are blessed with basic common sense. Unfortunately, one buyer of Red Bull answered yes, and he’s hoping to cash in on what is easily the most ridiculous lawsuit of 2013 (so [...]

Who Let the Dog Loose!? Sue ! Sue ! Sue!

By: Michael Seinberg The Shake Shack, a well-known burger and hot dog chain in New York City, is being sued by a woman angry about their flimsy chairs. But she didn’t fall from one or break one sitting down. No, Cindy Cirlin is suing because she claims she was injured by a dog that was [...]

Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This!

By: Michael Seinberg “Doctor, it hurts when I do this,” said the patient. “Well, then don’t do that,” said the doctor. Old joke, we’ve all heard it except maybe for Mirit Rose Jaron, of East Greenbush, NY who seems to be living it. Ms. Jaron is suing the city and Central Amusements International, the company [...]

The Buffalo News: Frivolous Lawsuits No Laughing Matter

Today, The Buffalo News shared a letter written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins, titled: Frivolous Lawsuits No Laughing Matter.  This letter explains the impact of a case which was recently decided against the town of Amherst, its associated municipalities and a home owner that made an exception for the inherent risk sport of rollerblading.  In [...]

A Case of Our Justice System Rolling Out of Control

By: Scott Hobson Experts aren’t quite sure when, but most people agree that somewhere along the way, our legal system lost its way. Consider exhibit A, the recent case Custodi v. Town of Amherst, in which a rollerblader injured herself after she caught her skate on the lip between a driveway and the street and fell.  She promptly [...]

The Facebook Farce Continues

By: Michael Seinberg Most regular readers of this blog are now familiar with Paul Ceglia, the Buffalo, NY man who has been attempting to sue Facebook for billions, claiming part ownership of the company. Ceglia based the lawsuit on a contract that he claims he had with Facebook Chairman Mark Zuckerberg as well as some [...]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Giuliani Emphasizes Need for Tort Reform in New York

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- October 24, 2012 (Washington,D.C.): Speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 13th annual Legal Reform Summit in Washington, D.C., former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani stressed the need for New York to enact meaningful lawsuit reform. He noted that past efforts to pass tort reform had been stalled by the powerful [...]

The Daily Star – Fox Judgment Is Bad for New Yorkers

This past weekend, The Daily Star ran an opinion piece written by LRANY Executive Director, Thomas Stebbins, which was in response to the recent news that an Otsego County jury awarded a woman $126 million in a lawsuit against the local Fox Hospital.  Stebbins highlights the impact that such a large judgment has on the [...]

Asbestos Proven to Cause Judicial Insanity

By: Michael Seinberg We all know that exposure to asbestos can cause all sorts of nasty health problems, but a new ruling by a New York Supreme Court justice now shows that even talking about the substance can have serious mental repercussions. It seems one Ronald Dummitt and his very talented lawyer sued Crane Co. [...]

220 Pound Teacher Sues Over Assault by 1st Grader

By: Michael Seinberg Picture this in your mind. Well, at least try to. A 4’ 2” 50 pound first grader by the name of Rodrigo Carpio has a hissy fit and kicks John Webster, 27, a 220-pound gym teacher at PS330 in Queens. Result? Webster plans to sue the City of New York claiming the [...]