Red Bull%$!& Lawsuit: It Didn’t Give Me Wings!

By: Michael Seinberg Here’s a quick quiz (no cheating!): do you believe everything you see in advertisements? If you answered no, congratulations – you are blessed with basic common sense. Unfortunately, one buyer of Red Bull answered yes, and he’s hoping to cash in on what is easily the most ridiculous lawsuit of 2013 (so [...]

VIDEO: The Final Days at Blitz USA

Over the summer, we shared with you the tragic news that gas can manufacturer Blitz USA was forced to close its doors on July 31st, after 46 years of business.  The company was sued into bankruptcy after a wave of lawsuits from misuse of its products extinguished the once booming business.  At its peak, Blitz manufactured 75% of [...]

Gas Can Manufacturer To Rise From the Ashes?

By: Michael Seinberg Last summer saw the official demise of Blitz USA, until then, the largest maker of gas cans in the US. The company claims that they were forced to declare bankruptcy as a result of lawsuits by people injured after misusing Blitz products in a variety of shockingly dangerous ways. Plaintiffs’ lawyers claim [...]

Popcorn Addiction Leads to $7.2 Million Award for Human Lab Rat

By: Michael Seinberg Remember a while back when scientists fed some lab rats the equivalent of hundreds of pounds of saccharin and then slapped warning labels all over the stuff when they developed cancer? Well, a guy in Denver managed to do much the same thing and enriched himself and his highly creative lawyer in [...]

DHA Awards Yankees Liability Protections Under SAFETY Act

By: Scott Hobson In June of this year, New York’s Yankee Stadium became the first professional sports facility to be certified under the Federal SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) Act. The SAFETY Act allows the Department of Homeland Security to certify providers of anti-terrorism technology and services which meet rigorous standards. Certified providers [...]

Newsflash: Gasoline is Flammable

We recently shared with you the unfortunate news that lawsuits burned down another company – Blitz USA was forced to close its doors on July 31st after 46 years of business.  The gas can maker was ultimately sued into bankruptcy, after numerous lawsuits from misuse of their product bled the company dry.  Since we shared [...]

Running Naked on Ambien

By: Michael Seinberg OK, we all know various drugs have side effects. But Daniel Stewart, Jr. of Etowah County Alabama is now suggesting that the sleep aid Ambien can cause unexpected nudity and he’s suing Qualitest Pharmaceuticals to make his point. Stewart claims that on the night of October 3, 2011 while he was on [...]

Judges Tell Lawyers Their Fees Are Fruit Loops

A class action lawsuit brought against Kellogg, for false health claims about their Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, recently came to a settlement for a total of $10.6 million.  After review by a panel of three judges this settlement was rejected.  The reason? The lawyer fees of $2,100 an hour, totaling $2 million were considered too high. [...]

Lawsuits Burn Down Another Company

By: Michael Seinberg On December 28, 2005 a man named David Calder inserted the nozzle of a $3.99 gas can into his wood stove in an effort to perk up his fire, a move he later admitted was “stupid”.  Calder, who should have been nominated for a Darwin Award, was also not much of a [...]

Labeling Lawsuits Strike OJ

Lately, headlines have been flooded with lawsuits against food manufacturers, alleging false claims and misleading labels.  The most recent suit is targeting Tropicana for labeling their well-known orange juice as “natural.”  The lawsuit claims that the company adds chemically engineered “flavor packs” to its product to keep the taste consistent year round. As America turns towards healthier foods, the [...]