VIDEO: The Final Days at Blitz USA

Over the summer, we shared with you the tragic news that gas can manufacturer Blitz USA was forced to close its doors on July 31st, after 46 years of business.  The company was sued into bankruptcy after a wave of lawsuits from misuse of its products extinguished the once booming business.  At its peak, Blitz manufactured 75% of all gas cans sold America. When Blitz closed, 117 employees were left without a job and bleak prospects for future employment.  Faces of Lawsuit Abuse has produced a movie documenting Blitz’s final week, giving an inside look at how these out of control lawsuits took down an iconic American company.

“The authors state accidents happened because our gas cans were defective,” the former Blitz USA CEO was quoted as saying in a response to a letter from a plaintiffs’ lawyer. ”In fact, accidents happened because gasoline is flammable.” 

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  1. Still not working. Have 30 appl. In but noone wants to hire
    And dont think I will get on with the new company.

    — By suzan on December 27, 2012
  2. This is NUTS! Would be nice if somehow we could collectively help start a NEW Blitz manufacturing company.

    — By Ben on December 28, 2012
  3. Blitz Managers brainwashed their entire workforce. Never told the employees the truth the employees and the victims had their life destroyed by poor managment, risk management, and just poor managers.

    — By YESMAN on January 8, 2013

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