OPINION: Stop letting our hospitals die!

couloir d'hopital2As in recent news, we are continuously seeing our downstate hospitals struggling with the threat of disclosure, the necessary changes to our damaged medical liability system become more evident than ever.  This week, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle shared a piece written by LRANY Executive Director, Thomas B. Stebbins, regarding this growing problem.

An Excerpt:

“The looming threat of yet another Brooklyn hospital closing (Another Dying Brooklyn Hospital, July 23, 2013) is a sad reminder of just how broken New York’s medical liability system really is. The citizens of our state are continuing be held victim this downward spiral substantially limiting access to healthcare.    

Last year alone New Yorkers paid $127 million to subsidize medical-malpractice insurance.  Even with this subsidy, doctors across the state still pay astronomical amounts for insurance, some as high as $200,000 annually, far more than their counterparts in other states”. 

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