Letter: Focus effort on preventing abuse

This week, the Times Union ran a letter to the editor written by LRANY Executive Director, Tom Stebbins.  The letter addresses the major issues with opening  a one year window in which the civil statute of limitations would be eliminated for all cases of sexual abuse, ever, against private institutions and is a follow up to a letter which he wrote last year.

An excerpt:

“To the editor:

Proponents of eliminating the civil statute of limitations for sexual abuse are right to identify the “reviver window” as the most controversial. It is also the most wrongheaded. This window of litigation would allow any claim, no matter how old, to be litigated. The practical effect of opening such a window would be a torrent of lawsuits against churches, universities and community groups, but the claims could now be so old that those organizations would not have any reasonable way to defend themselves in a court of law.”

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